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Forests and Energy: Growing Towards a Carbon Neutral Alberta - RECAP

The AFGO "Forests and Energy - Growing Towards a Carbon Neutral Alberta" Conference was a great success.  The presentations generated a great deal of discussion and some ideas for collaboration and research.

Presentations from the Conference:

  1. CCEMC - Investing in Ideas
  2. Dr. Anthony Anyia, AB Innovates - Technology Futures:  Biochar - a Potential Carbon Sequestration Technology in Alberta
  3. Gary Bull, UBC:  Update on North American Forest Carbon Standard
  4.  Woodlands Module: Recommended Protocol Design Principles
  5. Robert Elms, North American Carbon:  Voluntary Carbon Markets, A Participant's Perspective
  6. Andrew Hall, Capital Power Corporation:  Forest Carbon Offsets: A Buyers Perspective
  7. Karen Haugen-Kozyra, KHK Consulting & Keith Driver, Leading Carbon:  Biofuels, Biomass and Biochar: The 3B's
  8. West Fraser Timber Co.:  To Be (Involved) or Not To Be (Involved): That is the Question
  9. Alberta Newsprint Company - The ANC Story
  10. Juha Metsaranta & Werner Kurz, CFS:  Forests and Carbon: Positive Feedback to Climate Change or Opportunities for Climate Mitigation?
  11. Milo Mihajlovich:  Update on "Forestry" Protocols
  12. Alberta and the Environment
  13. Srikanth Venugopal, TransCananda:  Carbon Trading Opportunities? Role of Forest Carbon
  14. Moriz Vohrer, CarbinFix Standard:  Climate Forestation Projects
  15. Dan Wilkinson, ESRD:  Forestry Management Carbon Developments
  16. Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.


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