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AFGO Forest Offsets Workshop 2010 - Recap

The Alberta Forest Growth Organization held their first workshop, Forest Offsets, on January 20, 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. The workshop covered all aspects of carbon management and was very successful, with more than 80 people attending. Many thanks to Canadian Forest Service’s Northern Forestry Centre, Climate Central, Alberta Forest Extension Network and Woodlot Extension Program for their contributions to the success of this first workshop.

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The presentations from this event are posted below.

  1. Stephen Kull & Werner Kurz, CFS: Climate Change, Carbon And Forest Management
  2. Doug Sklar, Govt of Alberta: Forest Management Carbon: Ownership, Potential And Plan
  3. Tanya Maynes, Climate Change Central: Why Emissions Trading?
  4. Robyn Kuhn, Govt of Alberta: Alberta Climate Change Strategy and Regulatory System
  5. Tanya Maynes, Climate Change Central: Process Based Standards
  6. Stephen Entwisle, Blue Source Canada: Offsets And Forestry: Opportunities And Challenges
  7. Tanya Maynes, Climate Change Central: Getting A Credit To Market
  8. Tanya Maynes, Climate Change Central: Climate Change Policy: Lay of the Land


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