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AFGO Forest Offsets Workshop #2 May 2010 - Recap

The Alberta Forest Growth Organization held a 2nd Forest Offsets workshop, on May 6, 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. The workshop titled "Getting Your Offsets to Market" was very successful, with more than 60 people attending. Many thanks to those whose contributions led to the success of this second workshop.

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The presentations from this event are posted below.

  1. Adding Value to Forest Management Through GHG Emission Offsets, M. Mihajlovich
  2. GHG Emission Offset Protocols, M. Mihajlovich
  3. Carbon Markets: Forestry Opportunity, K. Haugen-Kozyra
  4. What is a Protocol, T. Maynes
  5. Alberta Offset System, B. Savage
  6. Green House Gas (GHG) Verification, Dr. C. Schuh
  7. Update on Other Forestry Protocols, M. Mihajlovich
  8. Alberta Offset Protocols, R. Hamaliuk
  9. Avoided Conversion Protocol, J. Anderson
  10. Afforestation Update, T. Maynes


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