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Regenerated Lodgepole Pine project is a long-term trial established in 2000 and 2001. It assesses site and treatment effects on stand development following harvesting and planting of lodgepole pine, including:

  • the effects of site, planting density and weeding on early crop performance
  • the effects of site, planting density, weeding and thinning on subsequent growth and yield
  • the link between early crop performance and subsequent growth and yield.

Details of the design, installations and procedures are provided in an Establishment Report (April 2003) and a periodically updated field manual.  

Details of the trial and its results to date are reported in the annual crop performance report, the most recent of which is Regenerated lodgepole pine trial: crop performance report, March 2015.

The trial has led to the initial development and review of a decision support tool (FRIPSY: the Foothills Reforestation Integrated Planning System) that allows managers to predict establishment and performance results based on site, stand, site preparation, planting, and vegetation management factors.


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