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Regenerated Lodgepole Pine Project

An FGrOW initiative.

The regenerated lodgepole pine trial was established in 2001 to forecast and monitor the growth and yield of lodgepole pine. The replicated trial is designed to monitor the development of lodgepole pine, regenerated after harvesting, in relation to site, initial spacing of planted stock, natural ingress and mortality, competing vegetation (brush), and density control (pre-commercial thinning).

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Foothills Growth and Yield Association Releases it...

The Foothills Growth and Yield Association, established as part of the Foothills Research Institute program in 2000, has just released a report of the first 10 years of its in-depth study of the growth and yield of fire origin as well as regenerated lodgepole pine in Alberta. The report highlights a number of projects, including the development of regenerated lodgepole pine models for both planted and naturally regenerated lodgepole pine, and a preliminary decision support tool for mountain pine beetle post-infestation stand management.

Dick Dempster


Sharon Meredith

Program Lead