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Comparison of pre-harvest and post-harvest productivity

An FGYA initiative.

In 2002 and 2003, FGYA compared site index (a measure of site productivity) in mature fire-origin stands with that in stands regenerated following harvest. Comparisons involved contemporaneous sampling of paired-plots in regenerated and parent stands, in combination with analysis of time-series data from permanent sample plots measured before and after harvesting.

Results were presented at the CIF/SAF Joint Convention in October 2004. Further work will focus on explaining the observed differences and examining the implications for growth and yield, plus participation in a broader dialogue on post-harvest stand development issues.

No current milestones for this project

  • Nov. 1, 2004
  • map

Installations Study Area map - 2004

Map of FMF area showing lodgepole pine regeneration trial plot clusters and comparison of pre- and post- harvest productivity paired plot samples.

Enhanced lodgepole pine fibre production and management

Presentation on lodgepole pine range, importance, characteristics, growth and yield research, as well as productivity, trends in post-harvest stands.

Lodgepole pine: enhanced fibre production, management

Technical report on range, importance, characteristics of lodgepole pine, past research, opportunities, threats and uncertainties of fibre production.

Dick Dempster


Sharon Meredith

Program Lead