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Foothills Pine Project Team

The Foothills Pine Project Team continues the work of the Foothills Growth & Yield Association, which formed in 2000 to co-operatively forecast and monitor managed stand growth and yield in Lodgepole pine.

Its mission comprises three activities: forecasting and monitoring responses to silvicultural treatments, facilitating the scientific development and validation of yield forecasts used by members in managing their tenures; and promoting knowledge, shared responsibility, and cost-effective cooperation

    2019 FGrOW Field Tour | Photo Gallery

    Pictures from the FGrOW field tour in on October 10, 2019.

    Regenerated Lodgepole Pine Trial Crop Performance Report 2015

    Crop Performance Report from the RLP trial - FGYA and FGrOW

    FGYA QuickNote #13: Regenerated Lodgepole Pine Trial 10-year results--Growth and Natural Regeneration

    First of 3 notes summarizing results of the trial designed to monitor stand development of lodgepole pine in relation to site and treatment factors.