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Tree Improvement Alberta 2014 Field Tour a Success

The May 2014 Field Tour for Tree Improvement Alberta was well-attended with 47 people varying from organizations and companies such as AI Bio, GPRC, Weyerhaeuser's public advisory committee, WBAC and HASOC members and guests, ESRD Forest Health Officers, UofA, UofC, and more. There was much to see at both sites and discussions were very enlightening.

The Ainsworth trial site (WBAC member) had aspen and balsam poplar trials ranging from local sources to materials from Minnesota.

The HASOC site offered a chance to see white spruce, black spruce, and lodgepole pine seed orchards at different phases of orchard development. Insect and Disease presence and management was discussed in detail at all sites with our experts brought in from BC - Dr. Ward Strong, Entomologist and Dr. Richard Reich, Pathologist.

Many thanks to the field tour sponsors - Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation, Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd., Huallen Seed Orchard Company, Western Boreal Aspen Corporation, and Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP.

Click on the photo below to see some photos from the day's events.

Copies of handouts from the tour stops are available here:


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