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Foothills Pine Project Team

The Foothills Pine Project Team continues the work of the Foothills Growth & Yield Association, which formed in 2000 to co-operatively forecast and monitor managed stand growth and yield in Lodgepole pine.

    Mixedwood Project Team

    The Mixedwood Project Team is continuing the work of the Mixedwood Management Association, which addressed practical and scientific issues around managing mixedwood stands to sustain their mixed-species characteristics.

      Policy and Practice Project Team

      The Policy and Practice Project Team evolved from the Alberta Forest Growth Organization. It provides its members with a venue for discussing and addressing forest management opportunities and challenges.

        WESBOGY Project Team

        The Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association conducts and disseminates research on growth and yield information and modeling technology for both natural and regenerated stands growing in the boreal mixedwood region, primarily aspen and spruce.

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