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About FGrOW

The Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada (FGrOW) was established in April 2015 as an amalgamation of four growth and yield associations: 

  1. Alberta Forest Growth Organization (AFGO)
  2. Foothills Growth and Yield Association (FGYA)
  3. Mixedwood Management Association (MWMA)
  4. Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association (WESBOGY)

Tree Improvement Alberta (TIA) also joined FGrOW in April 2016.

The intent of the amalgamation is to increase efficiencies and to attract more funding to growth and yield in Western Canada.

FGrOW plays a lead role in growth and yield research and related policy development in Western Canada. It facilitates communication between members, within the forest industry, and with other industries interested in growth and yield. By working closely with the University of Alberta, it establishes the scientific credibility that allows it to act as the “one window” for growth and yield information in western Canada. 

FGrOW will actively pursue funding opportunities to initiate innovative priority research, with a long term goal of establishing a growth and yield research centre at the University of Alberta. It will work to develop capacity within the industry by delivering training and tech transfer to existing practitioners and by training new ones.

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